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We are local. FAA tested and certified. Insured.

We use the latest technology.

We will help you close that listing!

what we do

You contact us, describe what you need.  We come to your location and shoot as much photo and video as you want. You can get raw data, or edited to fit your needs.

Flexible and custom to your project.

Awesome work!  Very cool.  Very helpful.  Thanks so much.



What we charge

Honestly, this is so much fun we should do it for free, but we have to pay the bills. so click on the button below for our standard rates.

We keep things affordable.

dynamic aerial imaging
                                             LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.  explore what we can do for you.

Drone Videography in Syracuse

The project came out great, very impressive!


Great way to market my home sale.


where we work

Real Estate Showcasing

Damage assessments

Commercial investor data gathering

Event videography

Construction sites

Limitless possibilities.